How to play your life and express yourself freely… Otherwise broadcast from London today…


my name is Adrienn Faklya. I am a 28 year-old lady who lives her life as a dreamer and a believer.
I am not disgustingly rich (yet:) but I have my own business and I am on my way to make my life better and better.
I lived at some places in my life, I had a lot of kind of job. I enjoyed all of them (that’s why I did them), I learnt a lot and I used all of the good and the bad knowledge for my (or other people’s) sake. I even went to the university to learn Philosophy, Literature, Teaching and who knows whatever else.
And here I am only for you to give my life experience, my knowledge and my faith for your dreams.
If noone is around to listen to your ideas or dreams, and you would need a good listener or an advisor, supervisor or just a good friend, than do not hesitate to write an email to me with your oppinions, dreams, problems.
I don’t promise to solve all of your problems but I do promise to find a way to make your way easier.
If you feel your dreams are calling you but you don’t have enough faith in yourself, just click on the email button and open up yourself. I am here on the other side of the computer to listen to your heart and find a way to let your dreams come true.


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