How to play your life and express yourself freely… Otherwise broadcast from London today…

I am just searching around the advertisements on gumtree ( I am looking for a new family who I can work with part time so I will have time to improve my skills and my business. I’ve found some really interesting advertisement and gorgeous kids:)

And I’ve found some advertisement where the parents are a bit confused what they want and how much money they would pay for the right candidate.

First of all they are really confused what is the difference between a nanny and an au pair.


Nanny is the person who usually work with your children, she is like a second mum, she usually works 30 – 50 hours a week, she has qualifications and/or experience and you become her employer. A good nanny earns 9-12 pounds net per hour.


Au pair is a person who usually live in your house, work with your kids before or after school, they job is the school running, making pack lunch, she usually works approx. 5 hours a day. She doesn’t speak your language very well or is a student. She doesn’t have experience and/or qualifications. Usually she lives with you and you pay approx. 60 – 100 pounds per week for her.


The difference between the two job is:

– the nanny job is a legal job with contract, per hour selery, with concrete job criterias. If you employ a nanny you will be responsible for paying tax, NI number, but if you get a good nanny you can be sure your children are in good and professional hands. A nanny usually works 8 – 10 hours per day with babies and/or toddlers who needs to be in good care all day long.

– the au pair job is suitable for a family who has bigger children who are full time in school. So they need a helping hand before and after school until the parents come home from work.The au pair job usually suitable for students who live with parents or someone who can’t speak ‘the language of the country where she works’ properly. So she can live in the family’s home, she can help them out and during her free time when the kids are in school she can go to language school or look around in the city.

If you are a parent and looking for someone to help you out, please, consider, what type of person do you want, and what job do you want to give her. If you put an advertisement on, you can save time for the candidate and for yourself, if you write an advertisement with clear job criterias.

About a good advertisement: in my next post:)

Yours sincerely,

Adrienn Faklya

Child-style Coaching

Adrienn’s Professional Family and Youth Coach Profile


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