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Nanny cam

OMG!!! I’ve just read on facebook from a professional nanny agency in America:

“Trust of caregivers: My advice to parents is that when it comes to the care of your child, I prefer the cautious approach. Noone is going to love and care for your child like you, no matter how much you pay them, how religious they say they are or even if they are family. I beg and urge parents to install Nanny cams to watch what is going on with all members in your household that care for your loved ones.”

(The Good Nanny Agency)

I got so really angry!

I’ve been a nanny for 10 years now and I always took good care of the children in my care. I always loved them and did my job with all of my heart. I am a professional nanny, a good one if you ask anyone with all the exams you can get. And I never had a problem with the children who I worked with.

Being a nanny is a profession. There are many of us who like their job, who learn for progress their career and who is a nanny because we choose to be one. It is the same profession than any other, the difference, you trust your nanny with your children. The trust is the big word. When you choose a nanny you have to be really careful and you have to think about many things. How experienced that person, do they fit in your family, do the children like her, do you confident to leave your children with her. You should consider these things BEFORE you employ your nanny. Because you will leave your children with her and anything can happen. But this anything can happen as well when your children is with you. So you have to find out if the nanny has the same rules and plans about your children education and care as you. Because she’s gonna be with your children instead of you. And you would like them to be raised as you would be there. So it is a BEFORE job. But when you choose a nanny after is all about trust your guts. Because she will be with your children in the house and outside on the road. And if anything happens you should blame yourself because you employed someone who is not capable to look after your children. And in that case putting a webcam into your house to sneak on the nanny is a little bit late. And the webcam can’t follow the nanny everywhere. You can’t see her on the road with your kids, in the playgroup or in the park… What’s gonna be the next step? Put chip on her? OMG!!!

Yours sincerely,

Adrienn Faklya

Child-style Coaching

Adrienn’s Professional Family and Youth Coach Profile


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