How to play your life and express yourself freely… Otherwise broadcast from London today…

Here we go weekend comes:) We finish the work for the week and we have enough time to be with our loved ones. This is brilliant but… What on the Earth we can do with the kids in our freetime ?

Everyone knows there are three things can turn our children from an angel to a monster: tiredness, boredness, hunger… Well, feeding a kid is not really a problem. They eat nearly everything if they are hungry (believe me I’ve seen it in the nursery:D) We can put them to sleep anytime when they are tired. They will sleep… But what to do with the third one? What entertainment we can offer them when they are not in the nursery?

Well, museums are one of the best offer the world can show to us. Nowadays they are interactive, full of toys and really really children friendly. So if you are free in the weekend and don’t know what to do with your child, just sit down in front of your computer and search for ‘museum for children’ on google. And yaaaaaaaay you can choose …

If you are in London one of the best place you can take your children is the Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood. I went there with one of my previous family (I am still a nanny) and the two kiddos loved that place. We were there for hours and they kept finding more and more new things to play with.

The museum is a part of the Victoria and Albert Museum (South Kensington). It collects toys, games, children cloathes and any other children related objects since the 18. century. There are historical places where you can follow the story of the children’s life during the centuries. There are rooms when the kids can dress up (many different fancy dresses), play with rocking horses, dolls, different kind of toys. They can play with toys from the last 3 century. And I mean toys, not computer games and different digital thingies. And it is so cool. It worth to see their face when they go to the inside sandpit or the Victorian Toy Kitchen Corner. It is awesome. The best time to go there is winter. It is difficult to find places to play with our children when we can’t stay in the park or they can’t sit down and use the sand pit or the swing and the slide. This museum is really a treasure for a child.

Yours sincerely,

Adrienn Faklya

Child-style Coaching

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