How to play your life and express yourself freely… Otherwise broadcast from London today…

Welcome back:)

Hello Everyone:)

This is Day 1 in my new blog’s life. I would like to write something about how do I manage to become an entrepreneur from 0 to really to be one:P

Starter point:

work: nursery nurse 40 hours a week/ 6.50 per hour gross

work next month: nanny 30 hours / 10 per hour net

Nanny job means enough time to work on my business. Yaaaaaaaaay:) – Anyway I like to work with children. But I more prefer to work for myself. 😛 = time to start an own business.

So let me see how much money I’ve already earned on the internet:

– online surveys: wasting time!!! Most of the companies are useless. They send you loads of surveys, you start to fill them up, in the middle of the surveys they find out you are not qualified. Sucks. They just wasting your time and happiness. I found only one company who send surveys permanently and pay 3 pounds on your paypal account staight away. PineCone Research:

– I tried many of the gurus tactics to make an online business on the internet. Wasting time and wasting money. But you can learn loads of information and marketing tricks. I haven’t found the system it really works yet but I am still a believer I can find one:) That’s why I write this blog:) To show my way from 0 to be a person who work from home and free from the big rat race:P Maybe you can learn from my mistakes:)

So welcome to the experiment of mine:)


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