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Nanny cam

OMG!!! I’ve just read on facebook from a professional nanny agency in America:

“Trust of caregivers: My advice to parents is that when it comes to the care of your child, I prefer the cautious approach. Noone is going to love and care for your child like you, no matter how much you pay them, how religious they say they are or even if they are family. I beg and urge parents to install Nanny cams to watch what is going on with all members in your household that care for your loved ones.”

(The Good Nanny Agency)

I got so really angry!

I’ve been a nanny for 10 years now and I always took good care of the children in my care. I always loved them and did my job with all of my heart. I am a professional nanny, a good one if you ask anyone with all the exams you can get. And I never had a problem with the children who I worked with.

Being a nanny is a profession. There are many of us who like their job, who learn for progress their career and who is a nanny because we choose to be one. It is the same profession than any other, the difference, you trust your nanny with your children. The trust is the big word. When you choose a nanny you have to be really careful and you have to think about many things. How experienced that person, do they fit in your family, do the children like her, do you confident to leave your children with her. You should consider these things BEFORE you employ your nanny. Because you will leave your children with her and anything can happen. But this anything can happen as well when your children is with you. So you have to find out if the nanny has the same rules and plans about your children education and care as you. Because she’s gonna be with your children instead of you. And you would like them to be raised as you would be there. So it is a BEFORE job. But when you choose a nanny after is all about trust your guts. Because she will be with your children in the house and outside on the road. And if anything happens you should blame yourself because you employed someone who is not capable to look after your children. And in that case putting a webcam into your house to sneak on the nanny is a little bit late. And the webcam can’t follow the nanny everywhere. You can’t see her on the road with your kids, in the playgroup or in the park… What’s gonna be the next step? Put chip on her? OMG!!!

Yours sincerely,

Adrienn Faklya

Child-style Coaching

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Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood

Here we go weekend comes:) We finish the work for the week and we have enough time to be with our loved ones. This is brilliant but… What on the Earth we can do with the kids in our freetime ?

Everyone knows there are three things can turn our children from an angel to a monster: tiredness, boredness, hunger… Well, feeding a kid is not really a problem. They eat nearly everything if they are hungry (believe me I’ve seen it in the nursery:D) We can put them to sleep anytime when they are tired. They will sleep… But what to do with the third one? What entertainment we can offer them when they are not in the nursery?

Well, museums are one of the best offer the world can show to us. Nowadays they are interactive, full of toys and really really children friendly. So if you are free in the weekend and don’t know what to do with your child, just sit down in front of your computer and search for ‘museum for children’ on google. And yaaaaaaaay you can choose …

If you are in London one of the best place you can take your children is the Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood. I went there with one of my previous family (I am still a nanny) and the two kiddos loved that place. We were there for hours and they kept finding more and more new things to play with.

The museum is a part of the Victoria and Albert Museum (South Kensington). It collects toys, games, children cloathes and any other children related objects since the 18. century. There are historical places where you can follow the story of the children’s life during the centuries. There are rooms when the kids can dress up (many different fancy dresses), play with rocking horses, dolls, different kind of toys. They can play with toys from the last 3 century. And I mean toys, not computer games and different digital thingies. And it is so cool. It worth to see their face when they go to the inside sandpit or the Victorian Toy Kitchen Corner. It is awesome. The best time to go there is winter. It is difficult to find places to play with our children when we can’t stay in the park or they can’t sit down and use the sand pit or the swing and the slide. This museum is really a treasure for a child.

Yours sincerely,

Adrienn Faklya

Child-style Coaching

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What about children?

Well, my new blog is all about children. Will it be? Well, in the end yes… But it will be about parenting, nannying, any childcare related questions I can think about and I have something to tell about.

And of course all about the good things as well: kisses and hugs, sticky hands, messy play, museums, parks, places worth to go. So anything about this part of the life. If you are a child or you have a child or you are a grandparent and you have grandchildren… than welcome to my page!

I hope you will enjoy what you find out here:)

What to do?

I spent my whole day listening marketing materials. My head is just huge now. Bees are all around. Bzzzzzzzz… What to do, what to choose. It is important to choose the theme of your business. Well, I am just thinking all day what to choose for it.

There are many things to be important for me. In my entire life I was interested in many things from rock climbing to reading a book, from sport and/or old cars to cook a delitious meal. So it is not too easy to choose what to promote.

But because my business will be my life after a time and I have been working with children for more than 10 years now… well for now I will choose the children theme. I try to share all the information what I’ve learnt during these long years. It was so much fun and so much tears. But it always worth the effort.

So lets start and see what can I say about this theme:)

Welcome back:)

Hello Everyone:)

This is Day 1 in my new blog’s life. I would like to write something about how do I manage to become an entrepreneur from 0 to really to be one:P

Starter point:

work: nursery nurse 40 hours a week/ 6.50 per hour gross

work next month: nanny 30 hours / 10 per hour net

Nanny job means enough time to work on my business. Yaaaaaaaaay:) – Anyway I like to work with children. But I more prefer to work for myself. 😛 = time to start an own business.

So let me see how much money I’ve already earned on the internet:

– online surveys: wasting time!!! Most of the companies are useless. They send you loads of surveys, you start to fill them up, in the middle of the surveys they find out you are not qualified. Sucks. They just wasting your time and happiness. I found only one company who send surveys permanently and pay 3 pounds on your paypal account staight away. PineCone Research:

– I tried many of the gurus tactics to make an online business on the internet. Wasting time and wasting money. But you can learn loads of information and marketing tricks. I haven’t found the system it really works yet but I am still a believer I can find one:) That’s why I write this blog:) To show my way from 0 to be a person who work from home and free from the big rat race:P Maybe you can learn from my mistakes:)

So welcome to the experiment of mine:)